Thursday, February 6, 2014

Down at the Crossroads

I'm certain it is noted somewhere here that I am a fan of the blues. I like all kinds. The fast moving adaptation that eventually became southern rock and the slow sustained single note versions that are all emotion. There are many songs in the genre that speak of crossroads, the physical real world kind where two roads cross, the emotional kind in which something is lost and perhaps something found, and the intellectual kind in which a choice must be made that will change everything.

Sometimes the singer looks forward to reaching the crossroads. There they may hitch a ride that will take them away from their middle of nowhere existence and put them on the road to fame and fortune. Sometimes the singer dreads the crossroads. They must face the fact that after this choice things will never be the same. They will be changing the direction of their life and perhaps none of the options are good. Lyrics in the blues often represent these emotions in relation to the choices. "I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride". Robert Johnson begins the often repeated storyline of selling your soul to the devil, in this case to become a great guitar player. No matter the reason, people hit this junction at some point in life and often more than once. I know I certainly feel that way. The blues is of course the music and story telling of "a good man feeling bad". I can't find who originally said this but it rings true for me when thinking about the music.

Today I may be heading down to the crossroads. I am going by choice so and I believe both roads may be good ones. I do go with apprehension though. Any big choice means leaving something behind. I have built something good and need to remember that. Opportunity I suppose isn't everything in life so I will weigh carefully and check myself deeply. I'm not decided anything today just heading on down to see who's driving by you might say. It is good to have opportunity though.

And that makes me happy.

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