Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All the Signs of Mid-Week

A little bit longer to get out of bed and out of the house. A few less early arrivers at the boat dock. Roads very quiet at 5:30. And above all, the beginnings of that tired feeling where your body knows it should still be in bed. It makes your head a bit heavy and there is a kind of weight on your face and eyelids. Yes we have all the signs of mid-week.

Wednesday is here and it looks to be a good day. The calendar is so full that I'm going to have to manage my start and end times extremely well. We are beginning work on 2014 planning and laying the foundation for our strategies heading into the year. That means lots of talking and convincing, which means lots of time in meeting rooms.

Today I get a respite from all the meetings as we visit a prospect over lunch. This is an account we have been trying to get into for about a year so I am hopeful that today's meeting is a real ice breaker.

When my day comes to a close I will have spoken countless words and hopefully pushed our agenda a good way down the road. In between all the meetings I will do my best to keep the team pushing hard during our biggest month of the year. Gotta keep the engines roaring, gotta keep the momentum going. So, I guess I should try and rest now because I'm not over the hump yet on this week. By tonight I will be though.

And that makes me happy.

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