Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cause and Affect

It's Tuesday, I'm tired, but why?

Today is a lesson in cause and affect. I am very good when it comes to jet lag. Spending time moving from time zone to time zone as I do I have practiced the art of adjusting my sleep to insure a level of rest sufficient enough to keep me going. At the fundamental level of this strategy is the assumption that when I need to sleep that I can get somewhere in the neighborhood of four uninterrupted hours as part of any rest period. I also bank on the fact that I can make up rest time in subsequent days if a few in a row happen to infringe on my rest time.

Such is the case this week given my return from the fourteen hour time change of Australia. Unfortunately for Mary and me the moons of cause and affect have aligned in the last two nights to release havoc on our sleep cycles and thus my Tuesday morning is foggy, not just due to the thunderstorms rolling through.

Sunday night we were pulled from our just fallen asleep state when D2 called to say she had been in an accident. Subsequent hours spent rehashing the details and calming her down once home meant the week would be off to a difficult start. An accident causes many hours of parental contemplation once the child has gone off to bed. By the time we both had processed all we could our window of sleep had been reduced to the bare minimum. A trip to the kitchen by D1 at four completed the cause to result in an estimated four hour best case rest.

Monday night approached with agreement that we would get to bed early and in fact we turned the TV off at about 9:45 to allow release and relaxed descent into slumber. It was a perfect plan and worked until 3:00 when Mary was woken by D2 talking on her phone in the next bed room. This five hour sleep window would likely have been just enough to keep me going had we been able to get angry, process and relax again prior to the 4:45 wake up. Unfortunately cause always produces affect and the stirring at three woke the dog who had demonstrated intestinal issues all day. Her typical stirring in the night can be ignored and thus we didn't realize until too late that having been woken she needed to relieve herself. Affect equals dog accident in her bed. As this train picked up speed, Mary rushed her out to finish while I, half in a stupor collected up her bed, not noticing that the pee didn't just seep in but also puddled. As I brought the cushion downstairs to wash it I left a trail of dog pee from our room. Thus we spent the next half hour or so cleaning and had no time to return to sleep.

So here I am tired on Tuesday morning commuting in and thinking about the final chapter in this cause and affect lesson. To finish the story I will call D2 and inform her of the affect of her actions and her new found responsibility for cleaning all the floors from my room to the back hall. Welcome to the party, what goes around, comes around.

And I suppose that makes me happy.

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