Friday, March 15, 2013

Lengthen, Strengthen, Restore

The subject today comes straight from B5's suggested workout. Most Fridays are rest days in crazy training world he invites us to everyday, but every once and a while he throws in an added yoga practice if we have been particularly hard on our physiques during the week. This week is definitely one of those weeks.

Even though Wednesday was a yoga day and I took last night off due to drinks after work I still feel beat up. I have not been eating much this week in hopes of reigning in my growing spare tire before it gets too out of control. Age is definitely making it harder to recover from those periods of indulgence. With all the exercise it is easier to justify eating more sweets and carbs. Taking them off once they are on though is proving more elusive. As I head into my Friday, which would normally mean reprieve from the fasting, I am thinking that I should heed the advice of my sensei and focus on lengthening, strengthening, and restoring.

Lengthening is definitely required for my feet. The plantar fasciitis is still raging and was one of the reasons I whimper out last night. One way to alleviate the symptoms is to stretch out Achilles and other ligaments. I have been doing this in the morning as the water for shaving heats but I think I need to run through a real session tonight to loosen things up. Similarly with my back and hips, I need to lengthen out all the tightened muscles cramped up by early week effort and later week desk bound days.

Having missed exercising for three days in a row come tomorrow it will be time to get after it with gusto. Much like the tightening of my back it only takes a few days for my old muscles to begin weakening. We don't have a lot going on this weekend so I should be able to get a good session in on both Saturday and Sunday. Strengthening is absolutely part of the program for the weekend.

Restoring remains the theme for most weekends lately. With a lot of early rising and days packed with activity from the moment I'm up til the time my brain finally allows shut down in bed at night, I am in need of recovery time. Saturday might will bring dinner with B3 and another couple for Mary and I. It will be good to get out and restore with good food and conversation. Tis afternoon D1 will meet me and commute home for her spring break. It will be wonderful to have her with us over the next week to catch up and spend time. Sunday is St. Patrick's day and I have been lately thinking again about my heritage. So perhaps as another means of restoring I will pull out the family tree and do a bit of work updating and uploading to make my people seem more real to me. I will also reprise my attempt at boiled bacon from last year. I think I have a better recipe and cut of meat this year so when I pull the true traditional Irish dish from the pot I know I will be restoring my soul with thoughts of that country I never knew, but now love and miss. How wonderful it would have been to know Aunt Nancy and hear first hand stories.

Lengthen, strengthen, restore. Seems a good way to spend a few days. I am looking forward to it.

And that makes me happy.

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