Friday, March 22, 2013

Hoping to Get a Bounce

Sometimes games are won when a ball, puck, sliotar (that's the ball in Irish Hurling, I threw it in just for fun) or disc bounce one way versus another. We have all sen these seaming miraculous turn of events. David Tyree's helmet grab in the Super Bowl, Tiger's curling chip on the 16th at Augusta and so on. There are so many in my memory I couldn't possibly bring them all to mind. Oh, what about the ball going through Buckner's legs in game six of 1986 World Series. My point is the ball bounces every day and creates winners and losers in the games of our lives.

Skill an preparation are paramount, of course, you don't get to a World Series, Stanley Cup Final or Super Bowl through one lucky bounce. Achieving greatness requires intense dedication to a goal and a willingness to prepare more and better than any other competitor. You just don't get on the big stages without this. Have a look at Jordan Burroughs some time, he is a current Olympic Gold Medalist and National Champion wrestler. He is about to go for another national title as I write this and luckily for us he is doing so in the time of YouTube. Have a look an you will see a young man singularly focus, humbled by his talent an dedicated to the sport he loves.

The NCAA basketball tournament started last night and like many I fill out a bracket and joined the office pool. I am a complete novice when it comes to college hoops so I don't take the thing too seriously. I do like to get lucky though and on this great stage it often is a bounce in one direction that makes the difference between advance and heartbreak. I am hoping for a few bounces here.

As I head into the end of my week the challenges with my girls are mounting again. Mary's instincts are on high alert and the traditional hot spots are rearing up. I am also set to meet several clients and prospects today, one of which could make our year.

You may have guessed where I m going with all this at this point. I am hoping that I am deserving of that ever so miraculous bounce in my favor. Things have been good for a while and if we can just get a few things to turn in our direction we will remain in great shape. I am definitely hoping for a bounce off the rim with just enough momentum to carry me through the hoop.

And that makes me happy.

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