Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Matinee

Overnight flight from US to London.  Landed at 6:20am local time.  Normal routine for a shave and clean up at the airport.  Still need to work on this as a shower is so much better for the psyche but harder to come by given my current airline of choice's lack of facilities at terminal 4.

I am however up and running at the office here and have a long day ahead.  That should make for a nice tired out state by the time I get to the hotel. 

Today's activities are centered around the team here in London.  I have openings in both Sales and Account Management in an office that is the laggard in terms of on target performance over the last several months.  Hiring is going to be key in this market if they are to maintain and grow their book of business.   The people I am meeting today are a mix.  I have an internal candidate for the account management role and external people for sales.  New blood on the team is good and thus I am hopeful that the external folks are solid.  The debate over the internal people applying has been a bit fierce as the local team are quite loyal to each other.  The key question and the turning point in our matinee's plot is simply, can she do the job?

I am all for promoting people that we have trained.  They know our business, have a good sense of the requirements of each department and generally have already passed the cultural test of fit within our organization.  In fact with a young workforce, we likely average somewhere around 28 years of age across the group, the more we can find advancements for existing employees, the longer they stay with us.  This is a major bonus with the retention of job knowledge and training for a longer period of time.  Often we train them up and then they move on to the next step in their career with other organizations.

As the curtain rises on my day of meetings and negotiations, I am focused on finding the right answer.  I need to turn the tide here and I am convinced that putting the right people in the chairs is a major component of the turn around.  I will load up on caffeine as needed and put on my best listening hat, for in the details and expression of one or more of these people is the key to the successful performance.

And that makes me happy.

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