Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Much Too Sweet Tooth

I'm feeling it still and it's Tuesday. Usually by the end of Monday I am back into a downward weight trend and the weekend indulgences are beginning to melt away. Not so this week. In preparing for and celebrating our good friend's birthday on Sunday in conjunction with the Superbowl we definitely went over the top on the sweets.

With only three of us in the house we have to be a bit careful when we buy or make any kind of sweets. Typically Mary will be strong which leaves just D3 and I to polish off any left over cookies, cakes, or candies in the house after the weekend. With friends coming over we naturally made a bunch of stuff that while delicious is now haunting me. The chocolate brownie bar cake that served as the birthday cake was so rich that we each had a tiny square (delicious!) leaving most of a sheet pan of left overs. Luckily I had the idea of bringing this into work for all the young folks. They made short work of it. And, it won't be sitting on the counter all week staring at me after my dinner each night! The little that was left grabbed me last and wouldn't let me go.

We also had a ton of cupcakes. They were shared with visitors as they came but we still have about four or five of those on the counter as well. Chocolate covered almonds, home made sweet pretzels, and cookies round out the remnants of our feast and while I am heading over to London tonight I know they will al be there when I get home on Friday night.

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate. I regularly eat desert first and I work pretty hard each week to keep the pounds off (1,000 reps of the Greuenwald, don't ask!, last night as an example) but every once in a while I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth. The chocolate just calls to me.

And that makes me happy.

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