Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Another Tricky Day For You

Pete Townsend is one of my guitar heroes. I was captivated by his diverse style when I was young. He was both the driving electric guitarist behind Baba O'Reilly and the fast handed man on the acoustic for Pinball Wizard. As I moved through to adulthood and he moved to a solo career I remained bound to his music. I began to understand the magnitude of his talent more and more in my review of his work with The Who, especially the development of rock operas like Tommy and in make up and lyrics of his solo albums. He is an artist of substantial merit and talent but also a man that created and then dealt with substantial life problems.

My life challenges pale in the face of drug addiction but I am struck by the lyrics of this title song in their straight forward approach to life's everyday push backs.

You can't always have it
When you really want it

Today is Friday and I would have liked nothing more than to roll over and turn that alarm off remaining in slumber for at least another hour or so. Such is not my lot, and not a real issue since that sleep will come tonight. Also today is a tricky day. In addition to the instruction of a new sales person and determination of some pay set ups for account managers I have a few family discussions to have. First is with D2 with whom I must discuss her ongoing choices which have devolved to the point of long term, real life difficulty. We aren't at drugs yet, I don't think but the path she is on is not a good one. I need to impress upon her that I support her but will also not enable a life of uncaring lack of responsibility.

Next discussion is a bit easier but again pretty life changing. B1 is thinking about changing jobs. He has a tenuous existence at his current spot so I am happy that he is potentially moving on but I worry that he might be moving into a new environment less patient that the current. His work takes time and generally has long lead times to see profit. I am hopeful that my counsel will help him get started in the new role with the commitment on both sides to make it work.

Finally, I suggest to my Mom earlier in the week that I would speak to my sister. She and her husband and new baby are moving out of their apartment that was fouled by hurricane Sandy. The have tried to stay and get the landlord to fix deficiencies but are at the end of their rope. As an exit plan they have asked if they could live with our Mom. Great idea for a short time but I think they are looking at a full year. While this is wonderful for grandmother and grandchild in the first year of her life, it also puts three adults at very different stages of life under the same roof in the house of a seventy something year old widow beginning her second year of grieving. And she is definitely still grieving. Today I have to talk to my sister about being a guest in her "own house". She lived in this house before she was married and is very close to our Mom spending lots of time there. The difference now clearly is that they are two families and while we all love each other there are reasons we live under separate roofs.

So it is that I begin my tricky day. At the end, as it is Friday, rest will come and time to recharge will be welcome.

And that makes me happy.

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