Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When the Bus is Cold

There is very little personal space on a bus. I'm not sure what size person the seats are designed for but just about everyone I see spills out of them in one direction or the other. I am no exception. While I tried to stay in my own personal space I often find myself lifting the arm rest to allow for horizontal expansion into the aisle. Additionally, I will readily admit to targeting the smallest person I see when it comes to picking a seat. Gone are the days of an empty seat next to me in the morning, I guess Sandy is responsible for that having crushed the train lines and taken some of their capacity off line. Sitting next to a little lady provides some relief but I am still conscious of overflow. Is my coat hanging to far over. Is the seat mate sleeping and leaning in the wrong direction? The bus is the proverbial human sardine can.

The one thing about the bus though that you can almost always count on is that it will be warm. With fifty people in such close quarters body heat alone in generally enough to keep the temperature in the song zone. The warmth is a welcome payoff for standing in a winters parking lot at 5:40am. No matter how bundled you get, old man coat or not, that wait can be brutal and thus that first blast of heat hitting you as you step up into the can is always welcome.

So what happens when the heat is out on the bus? Cold feet, that's what. For some reason today, the heat is on but it isn't blowing that sleep inducing warmth our way. We are halfway thought our trip and while my upper half is pleasantly temperate due to my coat and hat still being in place, my ankles are quite chilled. We're I the sleeper that all around me seem to be I wonder if cold ankles would keep me awake. They certainly make me uncomfortable. In the sardine can I hope for the cocoon. Instead today I have the ice rink.

Perhaps if I close my eyes and sink into the old man coat I can cut out the world for a few minutes and warm myself. It should be just like being in bed and sticking my feet out from the covers. I have a long day of client review meetings today so I will try to regulate my temperature and get an extra little down time despite the cold bus.

And that makes me happy.

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