Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Many People, So Many Decisions

Well, I made it to Friday and they can't get you on Friday.  I don't know why I like that expression so much but I just do. 

I am in early again today.  This office (HK) tends to arrive around nine so it is nice an quiet as I look to close out Thursday in the US and prepare for today in Asia.  Here are a few of the things on my mind.  I guess I feel like if I can get them written down I have a fighting chance to get through all of them. 

Foremost in my mind are the decisions I need to make about people.  In Hon Kong, I need to hire two sales people and at least one account manager.  To that end I have seen several candidates this week and I am fixated on the decision concerning one of the people I met.  My instinct tells me to run from this person but I don't want to miss out on a person that could potentially change the course of our business here.  Much to think about on this one.  The second candidate is a bit easier, she is straight forward and I just need to determine if I believe she will be successful in our situation. 

Account management is an easier decision but requires some care. There is an internal candidate that we like but I feel is not right for the role.  There is also and external candidate that I think is perfect.  Picking the external person is fine but creates the potential for disappointment and resentment in a small office.  Some thought here but I think we all know the right thing to do. 

In the US, I have two sales candidates and two account management candidates.  The account management roles are in good shape though we have to work the details on one offer due to visa restrictions.  Two great people and I will be happy to have both on our team.  The second will need a lot of training, but if we are watchful we should be fine.  

Sales is stickier.  I have another candidate here that I know will be able to do the job but my instincts are telling me to beware.  Others have met him and classified him as difficult to manage and having a broader agenda.  I really like him and may go against the grain on this one but I need to decide on what makes it right for me.  Adding to this dilemma is the fact that the second candidate I like is close to perfect fit from an industry and knowledge base, but he has not yet been a successful sales person.  He has strong relationship management skills and is very approachable.  He has been in a sales role and has a reasonable story about his activities and follow through methods.  I just need to decide if I can handle another sales rep that requires a ton of training.

In Europe we are still looking for candidates but have one or two slots to fill there depending on seniority.  I have my sales manager there and he is running with the effort.  I will be in town during the first week of February and need to get to a decision as quickly as possible.  Of all of the openings I worry about this one most given the market and competitive environment.

Yes, I made it to Friday but if my active brain wave sessions in the middle of the night are any indication, real rest awaits the outcome of many of these choices.  People Make All The Difference.

It's a good thing I have 24 hours of air travel ahead of me tomorrow to think this all through. And if course I will be heading home.

And that makes me happy

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