Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seven Movies Later

It's Wednesday where I am right now.  That would be Hong Kong.  I arrived late last night and made my way to the hotel.  Head hit the pillow at 12:30AM.  I had a reasonable sleep over night and was able to get up out of bed and into the gym this morning.  I was happy to make it to the gym since I have spent so much time sitting over the past few days.

Let's see, when I include my initial trip over to HK, the transfer to Singapore and then return last night I think I have spent 24 hours in the air over the last 4 day span.  That's a lot of time in a chair and my back tends to pay the price.  Also, my brain turns to mush.

Someone asked me today how I spend all those hours and the basic answer is that I watch movies.  I'm not sure of the exact count but it likely numbers about 7 over these flights.  The funny thing is there is no way I can call to mind the names of all of them.  I know I saw a Bourne movie and there were two with that young guy in Looper.  Liam Nielson was in one and there were at least two not so funny comedies (Will Ferrell involved).

I finished my current book and started a new one during these flights as well.  I guess if I were better organized I could prepare for more intellectual content heading into my brain waves, but when you spend 24 hours in the air I think a key element is to distract that intellect from realizing just how paralizing it is to sit in one place for a whole day. 

God bless the movies, no matter how bad.

And that makes me happy.

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