Friday, December 7, 2012

Closing Strong

It's Friday ladies and gentlemen. That means getting it all done and looking forward to a couple of days to recharge. I feel like I have been running hot for a long time. Since my last trip to Asia it seems there is barely enough time to get everything done. Throw in the trips to Boston and Chicago over the last two weeks and my time in the office has been pretty limited.

We are also in the midst of 2013 budgeting, executing a new branding initiative with an outside marketing firm, getting everyone on the team reviewed for 2012, hiring new sales and replacement sales people, oh and trying to close business to make our year.

We are within 98% of our revenue goal for the year. We got so close, but I don't think we can pull it out. If we have a very, vey strong December we can get close but we are likely to come up short. Considering we targeted growth of 25% year over year, being within striking distance is a tally a wonderful achievement, but we need to close the year strong. I am going to make one last pass through California and perhaps Dallas to see if we can't push one or two opportunities over the finish line. I am also pushing our account managers to get every last possible project out of clients before year end holidays begin. Hopefully we can build some good momentum as we head into next year. That's the real game here.

I can't really affect the current year anymore but with a goal of 25+% growth again next year, I need to get a real head start. Our business model is basically subscription so any client we can sign up now will contribute a full twelve months of revenue in the new year. This is key.

Yes, it's Friday and I do have that extra little spring in my step that the coming weekend always produces. It's a kind of second wind that generally puts me in a good, productive state of mind. Today I am going to try and capitalize on this feeling to bang out all the reviews I need to complete. With upcoming travel and my desire to focus on getting everything in the door that I can, I need to clear the deck of other work. Budgets are done, numbers are just about finalized for year end and we are moving forward on hiring. If I get the team's reviews in good shape it will be a strong close to a busy week.

And that makes me happy.

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