Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back Up

Arrived home late last night after a long day in Chicago. The flight home was only a little delayed so I feel like I got a bit lucky since there was weather around. By the time I took the dog out and got a handful of peanuts for dinner it was about 11:00. Hitting the hay this late generally makes the 4:45 wake up the next day a bit of a challenge. Today is no exception. We are in the middle of a bit of a warm front so at least it isn't freezing.

I am used the the reduced sleep by now and while it was a bit of a struggle to get going and I am sitting here wishing I could sleep on the commute (B3 is already out and we haven't even left the dock yet), by they time I get to my desk I will be wide awake and well into my day.

No sleep isn't the challenge today, rather it is my back. Generally tight and always causing me to twist and turn to try and keep it loose. My back does not appreciate long days in airplane seats. There is just something misaligned in the way the seats are constructed or set such that my lower back always ends up tight to the point of pain.

Generally when I get home from a day like this I have some time to stretch it out and get ready for the next day. Not so last night. So here I sit thinking about the day to come and I need a plan to get my back loosened up.

Putting aside the discomfort, I am also trying to act as back up today for D1. She got into both schools to which she applied for transfer. Having spoken to the dean of admissions at the first school I have learned that the max number of credits they will take would put her back at the beginning of this school year, and that's not a good thing. So today, thankfully I have second school, in fact the better of the two in rankings, to call and discuss the same issues. I am hopeful that the outcome will be somewhat different. I really don't want her to lose time on the path to graduation and I want her to get credit for all the work she has done to date.

We're she in the US, I would be pushing her to get all this information, but with a tight window for decision, scheduling, housing and moving I feel like she needs a back up. This morning I will likely spend a few minutes stretched out on the floor of a continence room, yes looking silly should anyone else arrive early to work, but making progress on my back. I will also make progress on D1's future which is looking very bright indeed.

And that makes me happy.

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