Monday, November 19, 2012

I Must Have Missed a Day

I landed from Hong Kong a little over 12 hours ago. It's our normal commuting time of O'Dark thirty and at present our normally reliable ferry appears to be grounded due to shifting sands and a newly replaced dock post hurricane Sandy. While this little adventure continues and I contemplate heading back into the cold morning and some alternate route to work I am also trying to figure out why I am so darn hungry.

Let's see, at 6:20am, now a full 20 minutes late in departure mind you, it is 7:20pm in HK. That makes it dinner time to my body clock. This feels a bit odd in that the last meal I had was dinner. But of course that was last night here, which would have been early morning body time, or a sort of dinner for breakfast scenario. I have had breakfast for dinner before. In fact that switch up is quite popular in my house, but the dinner for breakfast thing is more of an Asian phenomenon. I have never really been a fan but over the last week I walked by many a food stall dishing out fish and chicken dishes with rice or noodles, some in soup, some not. Right now just about anything hot would be good for me. Oh, and about another two hours in bed would be nice.

My normal strategy for the flight home worked well this time and I got a reasonably uninterrupted sleep last night. In bed by about 10, up only once and then awake at about 4 four the day. As long as I don't nod off at my desk, then by the time I hit the pillow tonight I should be back to normal, what ever that is. In the mean time, my weekend has come and gone. 17 hours on the plane in the cocoon of travel and my Sunday, though lasting about 36 hours dissolved into nothing. Mary was out last night but I was able to have a nice dinner with D3 and spend a bit of time with the little dog that I haven't seen now in about three weeks. Thanks again Sandy.

Like it or not, it's Monday and time to get back at it. I have a lot on my plate in this short week and so energy level needs to stay up. The pay off is a Thanksgiving dinner in my own house and a four day weekend.

We are off and running now having dislodged ourselves from the bay floor and sky is just starting to brighten in the east. I will definitely need some breakfast today, perhaps some oatmeal to warm my belly and then full speed ahead on the day. The return trip from Asia is never easy but I am hoping that as usual having a good strategy and listening to the signals around me has paid off again.

And that makes me happy.

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