Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well, We'll See

Today is a big day. I have two candidates in for what should be final interviews. Both have done well in the process and I'm hoping any remaining reservation I have with one of the candidates fades through this interaction. The second person just needs to show well with the team. After impressing everyone he met as a sales candidate, he was a bit too nonchalant with the account management team so he needs to bring his A game when he comes in this morning.

Both people are coming in to pitch our product back to us. It's a good final test to see if they have been listening and have given thought to how they would act in the job. I'm looking forward to both sessions.

At home we have moved into the phase of healing in which minor pleasantries are exchanged but normalcy still remains outside our reach. Unfortunately, I'm not looking for normalcy in this situation. I'm certain that's what I will have to settle for but I am still hopeful that there will be personal growth and recognition. Well, we'll see.

Either way it's two days until vacation and while I'm a bit stressed about my little trees, the weather is not going to cooperate while we are away, I'm very excited about spending time in the warmth and sun on this unique trip to Mexico.

And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Days

Still the silence at home. I'm certain both are thinking how wrong I was. I'm certain both are thinking I should be the mature person. I'm certain both are at this point thinking her behavior wasn't that bad. Well, I'm certain that you have to draw lines and you have to be true. You must own your mistakes and grow by them. If no one holds you accountable then there is no incentive to improve. This IS parenting. I may be harsh at times and I certainly lose my temper too quickly. I lash out at times unjustifiably. These things I know and these things I try to control. I claim no higher plane of human-ness. I am severely flawed like the rest of you. I do know right from wrong though and despite my reaction being inappropriately severe I will hold to message.

It's three days until vacation and I remain hopeful that we will resolve this conflict in time. There is nothing worse than discord during family vacation. I remain hopeful.

And that makes mea happy.