Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thundercrack, Baby's Back

And just like that we are into the heart of the changing season. After a spectacular Saturday this past weekend we are faced with a whole week of cold, driving rain. Today's rendition includes massive thunderstorms rolling through predawn just in time to soak us all on our way to work. This isn't some little rain shower mind you, no, it's buckets and lightening hitting right on top of us. I drove through a road covering puddle on my way to the boat that could have taken me right off the road had I not been going slow and steady.

In what seems to be a true confirmation of hit he change in season we are due to have this kind of weather all week. Man, what a transition.

With a ton of activity on the agenda this week there is no time for the distraction of ugly commuting. I will have to power through with my focus on the to do list. If I'm a bit wetter than usual during the day, so be it. The season and the work rolls forward.

In brighter news D3's field hockey team own game one in their conference tournament so we will have some good sport to watch come the end of this soaking week.

And that makes me happy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Bed Making a Difference

Good start tot he week as we reviewed strategic plan yesterday. I think we came to a good decision on how to position for growth, now we need to perform. Our resources should be matched appropriately to our business and if we get the most out of them we should have a great year ahead.

This morning is a bit warmer than yesterday and though rain is on the way tonight should be a nicer day with less of that biting wind. All in all pretty pleasant. Oh, do I seem in a good mood? Perhaps it's our new bed!

For many years we have been looking for a the right bedroom furniture. You know stuff that didn't cost a million bucks that actually looked like things we would buy. Well after twenty four years of marriage, Mary finally worked out a way to get it done. She is a genius with stuff like this and the room looks great. The final piece to arrive was our bed and I can't tell you the difference it makes. Finally our mattress sits flat without hollows where we sleep. I have been sleeping very well on the new configuration. This morning I woke for the first time at 4:25 and dozed until the alarm yanked me from slumber at 4:48. I was out cold though I had been awake just minutes ago.

I know I need to get more sleep and I am hopeful that the new addition to our bedroom set will create a restful environment for the long haul. Lord knows Mary and I need it. We feel like real adults now!

And that makes me happy.