Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rainy Start

Poor Mary is sleep deprived. A concert with D3 Monday night and driving me to the bus in the morning for the rest of the week. Having sold the fourth car over the winter we are I a four driver, three car situation this summer. D2 needs one for work. D3 for field hockey practice. Mary for work and me for commute. Thus since I don't need the car during the day it makes sense for someone to drop me in the morning. The only issue is the God awful earliness of the hour. Being the great mother that she is Mary would never ask one of the girls to get up so she is out of bed right after me and getting ready for her day, which doesn't start that much later than mine by the way, and in the car to chauffeur me to my point of departure.

This morning as we woke, well more accurately as my head cold jarred me from sleep, the skies were alight with lightening and the skies were open. Sheets of rain pouring down is the most unwelcome sound as one contemplates a commute. Luckily it was a fast moving storm and past us by the time we got into the car. The day is calling for more such showers throughout and so the big umbrella was a must carry. Tomorrow is our Friday with the holiday weekend fast approaching so I just need to get through this head cold fogged day and I'm golden.

Hoping for a few breaks in the clouds and in my sinuses.

And that makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Hundred Rope Climbs

I'm not moving at a very good pace up the mountain. It's been a month and I am still basically at the bottom. At this rate the total climb will take me ten months and I will have to endure the brutal Nepalese winter.

Ok so it will be the normal east coast freeze fest, but winter just the same. They can't even climb in the winter at the real Mt. Everest. And I'm actually a bit more optimistic of my chances since I lost a whole week of climbing due to my trip to Asia.

Last night I went up fifteen times to cross the two hundred climb mark. As said, I'm only at 3,000 feet of a 30,000 foot mountain so I'm still wandering around foot paths on the base of the mountain and will be doing so for another two or three months. I looked up the path on the Internet a few weeks ago and they don't even really track the climb until you are at base camps up in the tens of thousands of feet levels. I have a long way to go and if possible I need to pick up my pace. It may not be a Nepalese winter but that rope will freeze just the same and I'm thinking a frozen solid rope will be pretty tough to climb. So with four or five months to go before that happens I need to take advantage.

Fifteen climbs worked last night because I had time off and the daily workout was pretty easy. Tonight is another story. It's a conditioning day so lots of running and full body movements. A challenge in itself so following with climbing will be a real test. I will try for 11. I like the notion of getting just one more. For every one more climb I get I knock off time at the end of the quest, bringing the goal a tiny bit closer to reality.

I'm ten percent through the challenge and beginning to get into a rhythm. Only twenty seven thousand more feet to go.

And that makes me happy.