Friday, October 24, 2014

Sit Tight, Take Hold, Thunder Road

Well, it isn't raining or thundering this morning but I couldn't help closing out the week with another musical Thunder reference to go along with a simple Friday message. Yes, I know many of my posts these days hold little other than daily diary notations, recaps and weather forecasts. It's not that I don't have any deep thoughts, I just have not done a good job remembering them as input tot he early morning ritual.

So you are stuck with a Friday filler copy piece today get over it. We all work hard and sometimes a guy needs a rest.

Actually, it's been a pretty good week. I have a new sales rep hired and will be restructuring territories upon his arrival. Between now and then I have to take action on an underperformer but as we know that's part of the job. With the change I am hopeful that we can gear up to hit the ground running in 2015. I missed setting up my AM meeting this week. Laziness and forgetfulness are the only excuses I have. It's a little detail but a major flaw still in how I operate. I have become accustom to others controlling my calendar and thus don't set enough reminders to schedule on my own behalf.

There a message. Keep yourself in line by holding to the same principles you teach. If there is a meeting to be set. Set it, now. Get it done and move on. Also if you have trouble remembering to set that meeting, perhaps it's time to make it a repeat event. Look into that today why don't you.

Back to Friday. We have a playoff field hockey game tomorrow to watch and some minor chores around the house but other than that I'm hoping for a quiet weekend. My diet worked well this week though I was at such a high point entering that I'm just now back in range. Unfortunately that means I have to keep in check this weekend. Tough to do but I will do my best. I can't wait until I get solidly down enough to keep this new wight secure.

He boat just pulled out beginning the day. It looks pretty light so perhaps a lot of people slept in with the changing season or maybe there are vacation days to be used. Either way we are off and running. I can't say I will be watching the clock today as there is much to do but I will have that Friday mentality waiting to board back up for the ride home.

And that makes me happy.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

...And I Hear Thunder Boom...

Just like yesterday I am wet this morning. Today is a bus day so we are all packed into the tin can having just endured the predawn down pour. Umbrellas are soaked and if lucky made it to the floor rather than the lap. Dripping water fills the aisle or sneakily attacks seat mates.

I got a little lucky in that my seat mate has a little umbrella that went straight to the floor. I'm certain my shoes are sitting in puddles but rubber soles should protect.

Yes, it's another beautiful morning in the series begun yesterday. There is less thunder in this pass of storm but in an out of the blue memory my song of the day, you know the one hat rattles around in my head for no reason when I wake up, was Every Time You Walk In the Room. There is a line in the chorus that goes, "trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom, every time that you walk in the room".

Made popular by the Searchers in 1964, but originally written and recorded by Jackie DeShannon, this song has been covered by too many artists to count, including me. My memory for such things is a bit hazy but in addition to singing the Wedding Song at my older brother and sister in law's ceremony, I think I got some help to sing this song at the reception. Like many love songs it recounts the inner gut feeling of love at the sight of another. Thunder Boom says it pretty well. My memory is sketchy likely due to nerves. In those days I was able to perform in most cases but not without a great deal of angst and personal doubt. I had also not recognized fully the need for deep and painstaking preparation in all things important. I'm certain my performance at the church and reception reflected this but in such a loving crowd was likely overlooked.

B1 and his wife should be celebrating something like 27 or 28 years married at this point. On this rainy morning while we drip in our tin can, I am hoping that they are still warm in bed listening to the rain. And just maybe there is a little thunder boom to remind them.

And that makes me happy.