Friday, November 21, 2014

Accounting For Change

Today's title is kind of an inside joke. Sorry I can't be more specific but if you actually know me you might be able to figure it out. My thoughts today are settling in on the ever present notion of accountability. Much of our success in this company will come down to individuals deciding that they need to push a little bit harder and get better at their part of our overall effort. From small changes big things come.

As in any organization it's down to the leaders to bring about this individual change in people. Leaders must compel the behavior they desire by appealing to each individuals motivational triggers and pumping up the value of the opportunity to create a recognizable individual and shared success. This is our job, but it is also our job to recognize that the whole organization looks to us for fairness of treatment. Individuals do not want to change their own behavior only to see those around them remain in the ruts of status quo. Leaders must also root out the naysayers and remove them from the organization.

Pushing people off the team is always a difficult process. It's a bit easier when you have performance issues that are clear,but when a senior person or regular contributor is the culprit things are very different. Often these people sit in leadership positions or are regular contributors. Removing them actually hurts the company's ability to perform and can often lead to customer backlash and increased competition. (These folks nearly always land at a competitor carrying all the spite you may imagine them having). Nonetheless leaders need to look beyond this'd short term risk to the longer term reality: you cannot move forward with a giant anchor holding you back.

It's time to cut a few anchors loose from our ship. First we must decide that acceptance of status quo is no longer an option. Then we must clearly outline to those that object to change the two options. 1.) Search their soul and recognize that they have stalled and commit whole heartedly to change, or 2.) Get out. No hard feelings and perhaps agree to disagree but you can't stay here.

As we move into our plans for 2015 there are certain things we are counting on, one of them is full participation. Struggling to change the rank and file while a handful of old timers resist change is resulting in stagnation. It's time to act decisively.

And that makes me happy.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

End of a Great Run

I am in very cramped quarters this morning having jammed into a window seat on the bus. I was a bit late in arriving to the bus stop due to a late start and a bit of slow motion today. We were out a bit late last night watching our girls battle it out with the best team in the state. We gave them the best game of any team this season but it wasn't enough.

No team in our schools history has made it so far in the state tournament. To have lost in the semi final to this team is a wonderful achievement that I hope they all remember. I certainly remember my wins as a student athlete.

The Field Hockey season stretched all the way to the holidays this year with a few pretty brutally cold days along the way. With this great run over we will settle into this early arrival of winter. I have the old man coat out and in service today, adding to my bulk and thus difficulty typing. We have had a fantastic fall with Mary's party as the highlight mirrored by the historic FH performance. I am very much looking forward to some quiet days and nights by the fire as we all congregate and celebrate over the next month. Fall was a great run for sure, here's to an even better holiday season.

And that makes me happy.