Friday, April 24, 2015

Well, At Least it Won't Go Below Freezing

I just can't help myself. I know it's Friday. I've had a good week with my guy from Hong Kong in town and we've made a lot of progress on D1's move west. Business has been good and I'm hopeful that my recent offer for sales will be accepted. I'm looking forward to the weekend, perhaps even a run tonight since I missed last night's workout. The thing is though, it's just so darn cold.

That's right folks it's thirty nine degrees this morning with a howling wind and prospects of a high temp in the forties. I wouldn't put on a winter coat due to shear principle but I am in fall attire with my suede jacket and a sweater on. I'm certain that if anyone were to actually read this diary they would be bored to tears after this winter's consistent coverage, or should I say complaining about the weather. Let's just hope, as I'm sure I've said in the not too distant past that this is the post about cold weather until next fall.

Hoping for the sun to break through so my desk will get the wash and warm me through. Hoping the day goes well and I get to everything that needs doing. And hoping for a quiet weekend around the house with the chance to get some outside work done. All this and perhaps twenty five more degrees of heat would be nice. It's Friday people.

And that makes me happy.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Offer Is Out

Is the value of working with me and my CEO worth ten thousand dollars a year? Well, we are going to find out this week since the offer I put out to a very good sales candidate has competition. As you would expect from someone who is good at sales this guy has multiple offers either in hand on to be delivered this week. He has told me he will be able to decide by the end of the week and thus we are on the bubble.

I knew this person was someone I would like to hire after spending about fifteen minutes with him. Given my last hire though I decided I needed to run through my whole process. One of my core sales beliefs is that time kills deals so moving quickly is typically essential. You need to ride the momentum of early enthusiasm to a positive outcome before the buyer considers too many alternatives. When selling to a salesperson though you have to be careful. Even the worst sales person knows how to say the right things in an interview. Anyone can fake it for forty five minutes and as long as you have a good personality most interviewers will walk away with a positive impression. So, I trust the process. It has only gone wrong a handful of times in all the years I have been using it.

Back to our candidate. Knowing I had to move quickly I set up a series of meetings up front and made sure he knew how to succeed in my process. I didn't do the work for him but I made certain that he understood the rules. Of course he did well with all the trip ups and varied interactions. On Monday I spent two hours with him getting into the deep detail and made what I think is a solid connection with him. Assuming his follow up was genuine, he communicated back that he had felt all the things I wanted him to feel and stated a real desire to work with us.

Now it's down to money. Is working with me worth ten grand a year? I hope so. I'm not against negotiating up a bit but I'm hoping I won't have to. I'm hoping that he believes in what we are trying to do and wants to be a part of it. If he does then I know we will have a long and successful relationship.

And that makes me happy.