Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Family Rule

I woke at three this morning. I guess I still have a bit of Asia running through me despite my best time zone adjusting efforts. In addition to worrying about how we are actually going to fit seven people and seven suitcases in our rented car tonight I was lying in bed thinking about having all my girls together. It was definitely a "life moves fast" moment. D1 has lived in CA for six months already and it has been that long since anyone other than me has seen her. By group text yesterday I could tell that her sisters are anxious to see her and it got me thinking about how to have our own little family ritual to celebrate our reunion.

I have decided to institute a new family rule. When all five (or future numbers) of my immediate family are together we will take a team photo. It doesn't have to be every single time, but if we have been apart for a while I am going to mandate the group hug and smiles that the family picture forces.

Now stepping back for a minute, I can't believe I have actually decided to inflict us all with this joyful curse.

Beginning at some Easter in the distant past, I remember countless arguments and frustrations borne from the taking of the family photo. My mom and dad were big into it. Easter before church as an especially favorite setting. All the boys in jacket and tie on the front steps in the green of spring. Over the years there were many fabulous group shots, the many at lake Champlain, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, weddings, reunions and impromptu gatherings. Of course now I remember only good memories and so am likely blinded by the same desire for family togetherness that my parents felt. I'm am of course ignoring all those arguments over not being ready, or a crying and too tired child, the rushing, the clothes that someone didn't want to wear, the lack of recognition of the importance of the day by some teenager, and all those other point in time occurrences that lead to strife.

I too will suffer them all to create these memories, and if I'm lucky, by doing so my new family rule might just make it through to another generation.

And that makes me happy.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Did Ya Miss Me?

It seems like a long time since I've written here. Ten days or so since I got on the plane for Asia. The trip went well but I have a nagging feeling about it. While the analyst I was with certainly did his job, there was no real sense of camaraderie and no feeling of shared effort. Perhaps it is just me. After all it is the job of them sales person to arrange all the meetings, run them and push to achieve the agenda. I just can't get it out of my head though. This guy didn't even bring a pen or notebook to many of our meetings. What notes he did take were on business cards and stuffed back into his pocket. And while he made plenty of noise about the value of my notes ending up in our client data, I feel certain that I will never see his thoughts again, unless of course he pulls out those same business cards on a subsequent trip, something he did more than once with me.

I am trying very hard to think about the imperfection of life and hold my tongue in situations where I could come off as overly critical. I suppose I do hold the world to a higher standard but isn't that the difference between good and great. I am really struggling with this and know that I will share at least some of my frustration, hopefully in a constructive way. We cannot get better as a business if we don't get every ounce of value out of each member of the team. If I sit by and do nothing you won't just miss me here but I could well end up in another job change due to failure of this business.

Welcome back to winter. It's doing to be a busy day and a half and then I'm off to be with family. I will have to resolve this angst inside one way or another. I pray for guidance and words to be productive in what is a difficult subject. Keep me in your prayers and I I'll visit with you again soon.

And that makes me happy.