Friday, July 31, 2015

Rest Day

On Fridays I generally take a break from exercising to give my aging bones time to recover. Today I'm glad it is Friday as I put a real hurtin' on myself yesterday. I'm also going to make this post quick as the end of the week wake up is the toughest one leaving me wanting for more sleep. I'm hoping for a quick doze during the commute.

And that makes me happy.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Go Mets

Quick one today as I'm off to our summer outing. Today the whole office is heading to the ball park for a day game. Luckily for me we are heading to my childhood team rather than that other crowd pleaser.

Most people you meet will be fans of the Yankees but I grew up with the Mets. It's a long drawn out story that includes the move to California by the Dodgers and the attempts of my grandfather and his contemporaries to keep baseball in Brooklyn. Not enough time today but the punchline is that we would never have ended up Yankee fans.

The Mets have been lowly for most of their existence. Stars shown in the Miracle Mets of 1969 and the ever so lucky team in 1986. I barely remember the first team but had rung side seats for the parade up The Canyon of Heroes for the second.

Today's win would pull the Mets back into first place. It's a similar group of less than superstars but there area my bright spots especially on the mound. Who knows maybe it's time for a third light to shine.

It's off to the game.

And that makes me happy.