Friday, October 31, 2014

Tough Week, Moving Forward

It was a long day yesterday and I have to admit to being a bit short at home last night. The effort of telling someone their job is gone is pretty mentally and emotionally taxing. Having been on both sides of the table I know for sure that the other side is worse so I keep that in mind as I write this. Today I am going to my job. The other guy is starting over.

The lead up to yesterday seemed long to me and given that I had to devote the day to traveling for my part in the action I was concerned with the on time performance of the airlines as well as being prepared myself. The day and the conversation went as expected and I now sit in my normal spot for the Friday commute on Halloween. It will take some time for things to get back to normal in the home office as two people from our small group there lost their jobs. With the new sales person starting on Monday we immediately see new growth and I'm hoping this pumps up the morale. The key now is to move forward with our business using this shock to the system as both a wake up and motivator to the team that the only thing that really matters is our performance.

We will offer to answer questions this morning on a call though I don't expect that anyone will really ask much. We will begin preparing for our full company meeting in January and look for ideas to inspire, drive teamwork and create a call to action for 2015.

With the difficult decisions on people behind us we start the healing process and the return to business effort. The more enthusiastic we are as a Managment team the better. Today is the first day of our future success story and I am ready.

And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Midweek March

I know that I am prepared and that the decision is sound but that doesn't make letting someone go any easier. The week is off to a good start with lots accomplished already but there is a big dark cloud hovering and it's been there since about last Friday.

It's hard not to think about and in fact it is likely better to think more rather than less. Being sure and taking into account every possible reaction and outcome makes you better prepared to deal with the real life situation . So my brain keeps coming back to the singular task of the week, making today I straight up forced march through mid week.

I have a few things on the schedule for today which should make the day go faster and I will have to go through last minute logistics with the team late in the day to make sure we are all coordinated. Then tomorrow is a single purpose day for me. I have to fly to do my piece of the plan.

I am praying for strength that I may be helpful in a difficult situation. I am praying for the families and the individuals and I am hoping that this change will mean better things for all involved. In a difficult situation we will make the best of the circumstances. For today we just march on.

And that'd makes me happy.