Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sitting Down Too Much

One small negative about the new job is the amount of time I am spending sitting at my desk. In a typical day, so far, I am seated for hours at a time which is not good for my back.

I remember way back in 2004, it seems so long ago and yet a such an important inflection point for my health. During that year I decided that I had too much back pain and needed to do something about it. The decision to act is always the first start in any major change.

Taking advantage of some intel from B4, who also has low back issues, I set a meeting with a doctor, got the MRI and began to move forward. The MRI showed what I already knew to be true, I have some bulging in a few of my thoracic disks but nothing that would warrant invasive treatment like surgery. The remedy was some rehab, which going back to B4's advice was exactly what I needed.

The therapist B4 had found was a massive former basketball player from Ohio with hands the size of catcher's mitts and he was strong. In our first session he dug his fingers so deep into my hip flexors that I nearly screamed. Noise did come out of my mouth but I cut it short just before I started to sound like a little girl. Over the next six weeks he taught me how to stretch my legs, core and back to elevate the stress that my sedentary, sitting at my desk and on planes all the time, life had built up right around the top of my pelvis. After each session I felt better and the affects of his work began to last, first a couple of hours and eventually from session to session. The understanding Mark, the therapist, gave me of the muscular workings of my low back pain were life changing. Nearly every day since those sessions in 2004 I perform the stretches he gave me. Any time I felt the tightening I could run through a series of movements and usually smooth it out. It was the beginning of the daily life of exercise I experience today.

I'm sitting now, heading into work. My back is tight, my hamstrings need a good stretching and I know I need to get on the floor and work my hip flexors. Last night was an off night for exercise so I have loosened up in over a day. With all this sitting I feel the twinge and will use this memory as the catalyst to focus. I am never going back to the back pain of 2004 when putting on socks was painful. Tonight I will take good time to warm up and once I'm finished with my work out I will hit that roller and spread out on the floor to reintroduce the full daily stretch.

And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gone The Sun

It happens so quickly. Just the other day it was the Fourth of July. We slept on the beach and have had some amazing beach cooked feasts including our annual lobsterfest and even a pasta night for about thirty people. As I sit waiting for the boat to leave this morning though there is no sun on the horizon. It isn't hidden by clouds or morning haze, it just hasn't risen yet.

The sky is still predawn gray as we make our way along the coast. The warm days and cool nights produce a lot of ground fog at this time of year. Driving out of the driveway at home is like moving through a Scottish bog. Take it slow as you never know what will jump out of the mist. It could be dear, fox or beast!

Over the bridge, high above the ground there is still no sun. Along the beach and then back up into the air and still no. Where did the minutes go. I feel like I drove overt he bridge into that red fiery ball just the other day. Now it looks like a 6:30 or so rise. I should look it up but I don't really want to know. Summer is winding down. I am hopeful for the fall with a new school year for D3. She will be an upper class man. New challenges for D2 as she too takes on the second half of her college career. And new experiences for D1 as she makes her way through the sale of her company and the changes that it could bring. Mary and I celebrate 24 years of marriage this weekend and then we too head back to work full time.

Before all that happens though, I will see a few more of these beautiful sunrises, even if I have to wait a bit longer each morning to see them.

And that makes me happy.