Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mid Week Quick

Well the Rangers had a considerate air about them after a touchy first period last night. Banging home seven goals insured game seven in the conference finals. One more home win and we play for the cup. Stats are in their favor as their streak of home elimination games is at 10 wins in a row I believe. They should win it but it all depends on which team shows up, the fore hecklers or the non fore checkers. The game is Friday night and I will definitely be watching. Between now and then I have a quick trip out west to take care of but it is nice to be talking about the end of the week already.

It's Wednesday and we made it to mid week in a heart beat. Perhaps it's the anticipation and preparation for the travel but I feel like the week is moving fast for a short week and that's a change from normal. Nothing is really different about yesterday so I'm just going to enjoy the feeling and hope it lasts me all the way through tomorrow night's horrible 11:00 pm takeoff of the red eye.

Already looking forward to the weekend.

And that makes me happy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Same Week

Working from home this past Friday created a great launch pad into the long weekend. Having landed in the morning on the red eye from San Francisco I had it planned to crank out work in the quiet of my house and with everything on time I was able to do just that.

The weekend went quickly though and here we are sitting on the boat getting ready for today's commute. The sun is up and it looks to be a pretty nice day. Maybe we are actually due for a string of solid spring days which will warm the now clean pool to a tolerable plunging temperature. I look forward to that dunking post my workouts so I'm hoping for some good sunshine hitting the surface.

One of the best parts of the long weekend is waking for work to find that it's already Tuesday. Though often short weeks feel like the longest. The most prominent feature of this week is its similarity to last week. I am being called on again to sub in for my CA based rep so I will be heading back to San Fran tomorrow night and then returning on the red eye Thursday. The one day turn around is tough but we are hosting a seminar for a brand new client and so we felt we needed to have sales representation at the event.

Tuesday start to week is nice. Friday working from home will be a treat as I only commute two days. The time at home is extremely productive and if I'm lucky I will be well situated for the weekend when quitting time comes.

And that makes me happy.