Thursday, September 3, 2015

Staying Vigilant

Today I have to give a guy a tough message. He has been in the chair for something like six years and I just don't think he's good at his job. Increasingly too he is demonstrating the signs of fatigue of someone going through the motions.

I've written on the subject of letting people go before. It's never easy but I do believe it's in everyone's best interest when a person is clearly unhappy and staying in a job because it is either to difficult to find a new job or they can't get motivated. As a manager the hard part is deciding when.

Is it better to let someone flounder in hopes that they eventually leave? There is always the chance that they hit bottom and decide to perform. Or is it better to push. What if the person is just mediocre, like this guy? He isn't a bad guy and he knows the business and the product but for whatever reason, he is just not effective as a sales person.

Today he gets the message. Holiday weekend coming or not. While I would rather not be the bearer of bad news I will hold to my conviction and take action. A good manager, I believe must always be vigilant. Changes in attitude and performance come for many reasons and its up to us to recognize them and move before the effect on the reorganization is too negative. I'm sorry to be pushing this person but I'm confident it is the right decision.

And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beware the Gods

I think I will be extra careful today. I woke from a dead sleep to the alarm which made me late and disoriented getting out of bed. The morning routine (sss) took way longer than usual which put me out of the house even later and as if the gods were looking down on me and decided to test my fortitude I was stopped by a cruiser coming out of my neighborhood for speeding on the residential street. Yes, believe it or not at five thirty in the morning on the street I drive everyday and know every house and location of every child, I was speeding. My fault of course and for the record I generally do not speed on our streets on principal but at five AM, come on. Good news though as I got away with a warning, but was now even later getting to the boat for my commute.

So here I sit, a bit frazzled but with the world turning back to normal. It has been a rough morning with a bout of poison ivy spiking up and a cold sore blossoming on my lower lip. Adding the harrowing and late arrival to my commute and I feel like the day has already been a struggle. The last thing I need is for the gods to be against me, so I guess I will keep my eyes wide open and take things slow for the rest of today.

And that makes me happy.